Thursday, 13 June 2013

Ferro Chem India is leading company producing a large vary of construction Chemicals. we tend to specialize in Floor Hardeners,  Admixtures and Surface treatment. We are the pioneers in the field of manufacturing of Metallic and Non Metallic floor hardness.
The current pace of business movement serious Traffic associate degreed latest serious machines and equipment’s need an fully sturdy and arduous concrete surface.
Ferro chem India has revolutionized the concrete floor hardner trade with its well category product. Ferronite-FI and Ferricoat-30 vary of bronze and non- Metallic concrete floor hardner.
Manufacturer of Floor Hardener, Metallic Floor Hardener, Non Metallic Floor Hardener, waterproofing chemicals, Admixtures, Concrete Accelerator, Shuttering Oil, Ferronite and Ferricoat, Epoxy Flooring, Waterproofing and construction chemicals.